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Festival 2018

Entertainment won’t just be confined to the sporting arena during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

The arts and cultural program will be a bold, aspirational 12-day program that inspires audiences and celebrates GC2018.

It will be a force for good—supporting the Commonwealth Games Federation’s values of Humanity, Equality and Destiny, and using artistic and cultural programs to bring diverse audiences and communities together in celebration of these values.

Festival 2018 will feature extraordinary and memorable artistic events that celebrate the spirit of the Commonwealth, reveal Queensland’s lifestyle, culture and creativity, and capture the authentic spirit of the Gold Coast and its communities.

The program will feature a wide range of creative activities and events, generating a festive atmosphere during Games time throughout the Gold Coast and in our three event cities—Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns.
Spilling out from the stadiums, people will encounter arts and cultural events that capture the energy of the Games, showcase local talent, and reflect diverse abilities, perspectives and cultures.

From major public art commissions to collaborations with performers and artists from across the Commonwealth, from live events to hands-on arts activities, the GC2018 arts and cultural program will have something for everyone.

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